Kevin Wenger


Full Stack Developer

Kevin’s got coding in his genes. He’s a craftsman who’s passionate about the web, and above all, he’s a nerd. You may also know him as the Pseudo-Hipster-Coder. Don’t be surprised if you run into him at Meetups, Game Jams, Conferences, LANs or various Hackathons, proudly showing off his beard.

He’s a true believer in Open Source and is happy to dedicate his skills to our projects. What does he do when he leaves his keyboard every evening? “The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!”

Besides coming up with extravagant plans, he’s also a fan of pre-dinner drinks that involve decent wine, not to mention removing Github green squares, which are his greatest nightmare.

His role

Full-stack developer, in charge of Drupal and NodeJS/Express applications, as well as integrating themes and implementing the styleguide.


  • Computer technician degree, with a specialization in web (CPNV, Ste-Croix)
  • Computer engineer CFC (EPSIC, Lausanne)


Kevin creates sites and applications using a wide range of technologies. He masters both frontend and backend techniques, and his understanding of the web stack allows him to use efficient interfaces to create user-friendly applications. His approach to coding brings quality, readability and usability to the table.


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