Laurent Allemann
Laurent is an accomplished sportsman who likes to ride his bike on the roads of Switzerland and Europe, in all weathers. If these long hours on his two wheels never scare him it is also because he is passionate about cooking and then takes advantage of it to cook beautiful vegan recipes. Animal and climate causes are dear to him and it is for them that he wishes to commit himself more each day.
A lover of clear lines and a perfectionist at heart, he analyzes every detail to create flawless designs. These are the result of extensive thinking, conducted both in his office chair and on his getaways.

His role

Art direction, brand design development, ad campaigns.


2008CFC Graphic Designer EAA La Chaux-de-Fonds
2001CFC Draughtsman-architect


From his initial training as a draughtsman-architect, Laurent has kept the precision and the rigor of his work. Passionate about visual arts and self-taught, he perfected his knowledge of graphic design and illustration at the School of Applied Arts in La Chaux-de-fonds.
He also worked in big agencies and in the luxury industry. He finally founded his own graphic design studio, which he still running today.
Art director, type designer, illustrator, he constantly feeds his designs with exhibitions, readings, conferences and trips.

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