Marc Friederich
Working with Marc means respecting the tools and processes. He knows how useful these processes are – and, believe us, he’ll convince you of it too! He likes to keep things concise and clear when it comes to moving projects forward. He never misses a deadline and knows the importance of communicating clearly with the team. Thanks to all these qualities, Marc brings to us what every agency needs: order! Marc manages his life like he manages his work. He even uses his professional skills to organize vacations and family dinners.
As a native of Broye in the Canton of Fribourg, Marc has never lost his taste for local, seasonal produts, good bakeries and good coffee. And that taste for the finer things in life is not restricted to his palate. He also likes quality materials, cool gadgets and good books (which he devours then raves to us about), excellent barbers and, once in a while, a night out in the town.
Communicating and sharing – that’s what makes Marc who he is. We love it when he expains to us how the latest app works, or when he shows us (and proves) that there is a scientifically-proven, proper way to eat a burger!

Role within the agency

One of the founder of Antistatique, Marc ensures that each project is executed well, from its conception to publication. He assists the whole project team and will advise you on how to apply your digital strategy.


2008Creation of Antistatique
2008Bachelor in Interactive Media Management (HEIG-VD, bilingual fr/de)
2004Mediamatician CFC (CPNV, Ste-Croix)


With over 17 years of web experience, Marc has carried out and managed all types of projects in the field. Since he has experience working all parts of the media production chain, he can take on many different roles when it comes to designing, developing, project management and quality control. He has a clear vision of what is required for each project, thanks to his expertise in human factors and ergonomics, usability, accessibility and technology. In his free time, Marc volunteers for TEDxLausanne as the Head of Digital Communication.

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