Justine Gasche
Creative at heart! That's how you could describe Justine.
She has been passionate about programming and the web for a long time. You will find her constantly tinkering and experimenting with new things.
Very active on the internet, she likes to write articles, create videos and stream to exchange and share her knowledge.
Talk to her about game design and you won't be able to stop her. Justine creates small games in her free time. An exciting field that mixes technique and art, but above all, it's a lot of fun!
She regularly takes part in Game Jams, events that bring together teams for a weekend to create a game according to a set theme. 🕹️
When she is not coding, Justine likes to relax by playing on her Minecraft server. There she explores architecture and creates realistic contemporary buildings that let her imagination run wild.


2012Computer technician degree, with a specialization in web (CPNV, Ste-Croix)
2010Computer engineer CFC (CPNV, Ste-Croix)


Justine has worked for about ten years in different web agencies in French-speaking Switzerland. She participated in the creation of a wide variety of projects such as cultural, institutional, communal and e-commerce websites. This gives her a solid experience in understanding the needs of clients.
Justine joined Antistatique as a backend developer. Specialised in PHP, she masters the Laravel and WordPress environments. She is also comfortable with frontend development, especially with React and Vue.js.
Together with Kevin, she is involved in the community by co-organising and hosting the monthly Web conferences for the Webmardi.

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