Yann has already lived several lives in Internet time: Perl (yes yes, you can ask him!) and PHP developer, Ruby expert and his sidekick Ruby On Rails, Javascript and mobile developer, associate of a web agency then CTO of a startup developing a product.
Yann has known Antistatique for many years and vice versa, he has, so to speak, experienced the emergence of the agency.
One of Yann's strong points is his extensive application modeling and his long maturity in problem solving and debugging, this science which is essential to our business and which refers to several disciplines. There's nothing to say, in these cases, you can really feel the 20 years of experience!
A pure Lausanne native, Yann is very involved in local life. In the summer, you will always come across him at the Festival de la Cité in Lausanne. In winter, he follows hockey matches and supports the LHC with beer and hotdogs! He is also politically involved all year round.
Yann is also a biker, bearded, Go player, DevOps, apprentice master and gamer among others.

Role in projects

Technical Director, he brings his expertise in the software architecture of projects and support the team. He is also the Antistatique DevOp and is responsible for the maintenance of our Docker infrastructure.


Yann has 20 years of experience in the development of web and mobile projects. His understanding of the architecture, security aspects and deployment of web software enables the design of robust and secure solutions. He also masters system and Docker administration as well as the entire chain from development to production, including quality control and continuous integration.

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