Sébastien Graf
Sébastien has always been fascinated by everything tech related. Since his childhood, he was always drawn to computers and shiny gadgets, leading to hours spent exploring this digital world. (At the age of 12, he even managed to brick his first iPod touch while attempting to jailbreak it 👏)
However, it wasn't until recently that he discovered his passion for coding and decided to find his way into the field. This decision was motivated by his curiosity and thirst for learning.
He chose to specialize in front-end development. He believes it's a field at the crossroad between creativity and technicality, offering a perfect balance for him.
Outside of work, Seb is an outdoor and travel enthusiast. If you dare to take away his screens, you'll often find him hiking, exploring new trails, and discovering new places and experiences.

His role

Frontend developer, fan of the React ecosystem, specializes in design integration.

Professional background

Self taught, he wrote his first "Hello world" in Decembre 2021, and now works at Antistatique since Decembre 2022.
Before that, he held various positions, the last of which was in railway traffic management at CFF as a train traffic coordinator.

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