SashaTissotProject Manager

Sasha Tissot
Epicurean with a capital E, Sasha loves to travel, discover new countries, learn new languages but above all, cook and enjoy good food. She also has a particularly sharp eye for instagramming them!
Greedy both at work and in her daily life, she is especially eager to share her knowledge and invest her time in your projects!
A true analytical mind, she has a soft spot for performance marketing and a taste for well-thought digital strategies. She has been helping her clients with their digital campaigns for 2 years now at Antistatique.
Sasha loves challenges, she will always be motivated to take them up!
In terms of soft skills, constantly reviewing her priorities, being flexible, and multitasking are key elements that make her strength!
Don't forget to ask her for good restaurants in Geneva, she knows a lot of them ;)

Role within the agency

Project Manager, she is at the center of the coordination of the different professions within Antistatique to carry out your projects.
Digital Strategist, she also help clients build performant digital campaigns and strategies!


2015Master in Marketing and Communication (Sup de Pub, Paris)
2013Bachelor in International Business (IPAC, Annecy)


After 5 years working for various advertisers in various sectors (ready-to-wear, TV channel, recruitment agency, natural health…), Sasha wanted to cross the barrier and get involved on the agency side.
She has respectively held the positions of digital marketing project manager, web marketer, emailing campaign manager, lead acquisition campaign manager and Senior Digital Product Manager.
All of her experiences in both agencies and advertisers has enriched her and we know we can count on her! To be continued…

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