Pierre Georges
Pierre works, eats and thinks design. Identity explorer, font hunter and image collector, he absorbs an impressive amount of visual projects on a daily basis. He is always up to date with the latest trends and creative projects from around the world.
In his work, he seeks to go beyond easy solutions in an internet that is too often standardised. With a sharp eye, he can spot the slightest discrepancy in a model miles away.
He is a lover of typography, convinced of the power of a layout concocted with love and little onions.
In his spare time, he likes to immerse himself in the fictional worlds of video games, series and graphic novels. These different media influence his visual culture. He likes strong and graphic images that mark the mind, media that tell stories, artistic directions that dare.

Role within the agency

Visual identity, web design, interface design.


2016Bachelor in Media & Interaction Design (ECAL, Lausanne)
2013CFC Interactive Media Designer (Eikon, Fribourg)
2013Artistic Maturité


Over the years, Pierre has been in contact with clients in many sectors. His multidisciplinary training gives him an overview of the trades that surround his own. He has won several international awards and was nominated in the "Freelance of the Year" category in 2015 on Awwwards.

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