Luxury Tribune·août 2020

Digital platform dedicated to the luxury industry

Cristina D'Agostino and Fabio Bonavita came to us with the desire to build a new digital media dedicated to the luxury industry. Its vocation: to scan the news and issues of the sector thanks to a consortium of international journalists and academic researchers.


  • Artistic direction
  • Brand values
  • Charter and documentation
  • Positioning
  • Visual identity


  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Web accessibility


  • API: design & implementation
  • CMS Drupal & Wordpress + Symfony
  • JavaScript development
  • Mobile development
Maquette d'un article.

100 images workshop and research

Everything had to be built. We began the project with a workshop entitled "100 images" to define the values, positioning and image that Luxury Tribune should reflect. The main characteristics that should be reflected in the visuals were: credibility, reference and purity.

Image du workshop 1.
Images classées dans l'application Eagle
A research of more than 200 images from magazines, newspapers and luxury websites allowed us to discuss and create the values of the brand.
Moodboard d'images
10 photos were chosen to embody the direction that the imagery of the articles would take.


Stable and strong, the logo reflects the values of the brand, establishing the credibility of Luxury Tribune. For this purpose, we worked on the design of the letters so that each of them builds a base and a top perfectly horizontal and parallel. This makes the whole look very solid.
Logo de Luxury Tribune.

Logo de Luxury Tribune.

Papeterie : carte de visite, lettre et enveloppe.

Papeterie : carte de visite, lettre et enveloppe.

Trois typographies pour souligner l’univers fin et riche du média.

Trois typographies pour souligner l’univers fin et riche du média.

Charte graphique de Luxury Tribune.
After a research phase, we chose to use 3 different typography, each of them having very distinct uses: Cambon for headlines, Söhne for subheads and Milo optimized for reading. These alternations create a typographic finesse, mixing references to printed financial newspapers but also to more modern and digital identities.
Luxury Tribune dares a bright blood orange, used lightly. It is combined with shades of warm gray and sand that make the brand welcoming. Colors that obviously recall certain codes of luxury, without falling into the simplicity or cliché.

Social Networks

From the start, social networks were integrated into the communication strategy. Some of the site's content, such as the Worlds of Luxury, directly echoes to Instagram stories, and vice versa.


The website's design was entirely custom-made to meet Luxury Tribune's objectives. Divided into two navigations, it highlights the different categories of articles, giving pride of place to the content.
In order to give rhythm to the layout, we designed different teaser formats, and gave multiple possibilities to edit the articles.
Homepage de Luxury Tribune.
Page d'article de Luxury Tribune.
Particular attention was paid to the management of typography, to ensure optimal reading and readability on all screen sizes. Whether you're on your phone on the way to work or in front of your computer, the experience should be just as pleasant.
Maquettes de pages sur téléphone mobile.

Editing of articles

A major effort has been put on the editing experience of the articles for the authors. The CMS interface has been customized to look as much as possible like the real result when writing the content. We have received very positive feedback on this point.


We opted for an headless approach. For the back-end, Wordpress was chosen. Both for its relevance as a CMS for this type of site, but also for the ease of editing articles with Gutenberg. For the front-end, one of the important points being SEO, we chose Next.js. Moreover, this framework uses React, a library in which Antistatique has a real expertise.
Deux maquettes du site Luxury Tribune.
Maquette mobile.
Reading comfort optimized on cell phones, which represent more than half of all visits.


The benefit of digital is that you can make your interface evolve over time, to meet the expectations of users and the evolution of the brand. Several elements have been designed to be able to change within a few months. Like the navigation, which now offers a single level of categories to filter items. When there will be enough, sub-categories will be added, already designed and integrated into the system.
We are excited to continue this fruitful and efficient collaboration with the Luxury Tribune team!
Thank you to the entire Antistatic team! The collaboration was very efficient. And the tool is just as effective. Congratulations to all!
Cristina D'Agostino

Cristina D'Agostino

Editor-in-Chief of Luxury Tribune

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