MSF Suisse – Médecins sans Frontières·octobre 2020

Collect, process and present MSF geographic data types

The role of geographic information systems at MSF

Médecins sans Frontières is currently updating and improving its GIS platform, which brings together the maps and geographic data needed to carry out their missions around the world. An in-house unit of experts is dedicated to accomplish the following tasks (among many others):
  • Collection and management of data.
  • Visualization of this data (especially on maps).
  • Ordering new data.
It supports MSF activities such as logistics, briefings, communication, planning, etc. But also to visualize the evolution of epidemics, to prepare for natural disasters and to map emergencies.
This service is a key support for field operations.
Eventually, the system must be used by thousands of MSF collaborators or partners, in some difficult logistical conditions (field work, poor access to Internet, …). A careful design of the system must therefore guarantee its acceptability in the long term.

A collaboration between Antistatique and INSER

INSER is a Lausanne-based company specialized in the development of GIS (geographic information systems) software.
Antistatique was hired as a partner of INSER for the transformation of the MSF GIS platform. Our main tasks were to :
  • Understand the challenges and objectives of such a project at MSF and the environment in which this platform is used.
  • Realize the information hierarchy of the platform, the flow from one section to another and the overall design
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders taking into account all aspects (needs, deadlines, budget, technical, etc.)
Déclinaison des composants
MSF Mapper
All data shown on the models are fictitious.

A rich project

We enjoy working with Médecins sans Frontières. Their projects are meaningful and exciting. Collaborating with INSER is also a pleasure and we hope to renew our partnership.
We are looking forward to the continuation of this project, to see the design come to life through development, to be able to test the functionalities and of course to get feedback from the employees who will use the tool.


The Antistatique team brought its know-how to concretize our needs in the form of a detailed model with a professional design. Thanks to this, the discussions with the users and the developers were more palpable and constructive. We thank Antistatique for their expertise in user experience which made the difference in this project.

The GeoMSF Program Team

The specialist viewpoint offered by Antistatique was very important to us. It allowed us to effectively capture the client's requirements in terms of the usability of the application. Antistatique's creative and concrete approach, while remaining very structured, allowed us to work efficiently.


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