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Mudac – Lausanne’s museum of contemporary design and applied arts – commissioned Antistatique to overhaul its website. The museum’s previous site had gone out of date and no longer corresponded to its identity. Mudac wanted photos to have a more prominent role on their site to give visitors a better picture of each of the museum’s unique collections.
Hello dans plusieurs langues


The site had to appeal to several different types of audiences, including the media, regular visitors and schools. Users had to be able to find the information they were looking for easily, whether they were a museum aficionado or had simply come across the site by accident.
With this objective in mind, we organized the content into clear sections that highlight what the museum has to offer: an agenda of its exhibitions and activities, introductions to its collections, practical information, and the latest news about the museum and boutique.


Working closely with our client, we organized a workshop to define:
  • The types of pages necessary
  • The objective of each page
  • The type of content to be featured
  • The importance of each element and its position on the site. This workshop allowed us to map out the project, which was highly useful to our designers when creating the various components and pages.


Images first and foremost

The mudac is a place for meandering and marveling at the different objects on exhibit. Beauty is fundamental to its nature. Unsurprisingly, the museum has a large bank of high quality images that it would like to showcase on its website. We had to come up with a design that would feature the photos without having to alter them.

Typography and colors

Since this is the site of a contemporary art museum, we wanted to leave room for creativity and artistic liberty when it came to the design. The site had to evoke the museum’s universe and identity. After all, visiting the site means visiting a part of the museum. We chose to use big, bold titles and lively colors to to label the various parts of the site.



We decided to work with Wordpress, because this CMS allows us to easily handle the images on a clear interface. We paired it with powerful plugins like Advanced Custom Field and WPML, to create the perfect infrastructure for mudac’s site.

Content first!

To produce the website more quickly, our development team implemented Wordpress as soon as the content types had been validated. The client could then add in various types of content, images, and information about exhibits and activities, while the design took shape. We gained precious time at the end of the project and improved the lives of our cherished frontend developers by allowing them to code with real content. They don’t often get such a treat!

mudac & Antistatique

In addition to redoing mudac’s site, we decided to sponsor “Qu’en lira-t-on?”, an exhibit that presents the state of reading today, featuring text without books, but with sound, virtual reality and other forms of interaction.
After publishing the site, Antistatique had the opportunity to host a private business-to-business evening at the museum. We invited several clients for a cocktail dinner (courtesy of La Folie Voltaire) followed by a visit of the exhibit with talented set designer Nicolas Le Moigne. It was the perfect occasion for us to spend time with our clients in a non-professional but cultural environment.
We called on Antistatique to overhaul our website and create a new site that reflects our identity and better represents all our activities. Their team was attentive to our wants and needs and came up with tailor-made solutions. They kept us involved every step of the way. We loved collaborating with a team that was so committed, creative and available to discuss. They knew how to take our identity and translate it onto our website. Last but not least, Antistatique was able to adapt to our budget and find the right solutions for us.

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