Maison de la Créativité·décembre 2019

La maison qui accueille la créativité des enfants


La Maison de la Créativité ?

is located in the former annex of the Geneva Museum of Ethnography. Since 2015, it welcomes young children (up to 6 years old), their families and school classes.
Its mission is to nurture children's sensibility and sense of aesthetics, to facilitate the emergence of their critical sense and creativity from an early age, thanks to cultural and artistic awakening and discovery.

Maison de la Créativité

Each room offers an activity that allows the child to develop and sharpen his sense of creativity.
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Child but not childish

The goal of the House of Creativity is to address children, to offer them activities that they can do and to allow them to develop their sense of creativity. All this without being childish. It is possible to listen to jazz music, work with artists, craft with real tools, etc. All this under the supervision of education professionals (when the children come with their school) or their parents.

A free project

We were mandated to redesign their website. As we are always motivated to work on projects that touch us, we adapted to the proposed budget with the condition of having carte blanche.

Analysis and Research

Several distinct target audiences

The site targets several people:
  • Parents look for how to get to the House, schedules, activities, and rates.
  • Children look at the site with their parents: the universe must be attractive.
  • Artists interested in a residency and in proposing creative activities.
  • Schools to come with their classes.
  • And of course, journalists, potential sponsors, the general public, etc.

A rich content

La Maison de la Créativité not only targets a large audience but also provides a wide range of content. The client had to explain to us their way of working and the diversity of their activities.

Design and Branding

Developing the branding

La Maison de la Créativité has a branding that comes with a variety of colors and patterns that dress up the content. The logo can take various aspects and tones. We took advantage of its transition to digital media to develop the graphic charter. The patterns, visual elements are now interactive. They are transformed in an organic way when the mouse passes over them. Other details of animation and interaction were added to the site, in order to attract the curiosity and surprise the visitors.
Éléments de l'identité visuelle de la Maison de la Créativité - Antistatique

To propose attractive and adapted animations

The website is just like the house, a playground for discovery. Playful but not childish, graphic but not too radical, colorful but not fluorescent. The challenge is to remain accessible and not to lose the user with an excess of effects. The information remains, as always, the heart and the skeleton of the site.
If you come and walk around the site at night, you will have to use a flashlight to discover the content (don't panic, there is a switch to "turn on the light").

Implement a user-friendly CMS

For La Maison de la Créativité, the ease of updating content is a priority. We have chosen the Wordpress CMS. The administration has been adapted to allow them to enter their content types in an orderly and clear manner.
Plusieurs page du site de la Maison de la Créativité - Antistatique

A project that fits well with Antistatic.

The freedom combined with a rich and fun collaboration with a real problem to solve made this project really attractive for Antistatique. We are grateful to the Maison de la Créativité team for trusting us.

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