Terre des Hommes·janvier 2015

Plateforme web de conférence Justice Juvenile 2015


Terre des Hommes is a foundation that helps children all over the world. In 2015, they organized an international conference on juvenile justice. They wanted to create a simple website where visitors could find the program, and resources related to the workshops and presentations.


Since the website only had to be available during the conference period, and would also serve as a base archive afterwards, we quickly put aside design considerations for a simple interface that could be implemented quickly. Bootstrap was the perfect solution for our needs. The versatility of the Twitter tool allowed us to personalize colors in a matter of seconds with the help of Sass variables, which enabled us to maintain Terre des Hommes’ identity on the platform.


We used Drupal as our Content Management System. It often comes in handy for more complex projects. We were able to coordinate links to various speaker sessions and multimedia resources, thanks to the Entity References module.


Creating a website in multiple languages is always a challenge. The Drupal community offers a number of modules and tools that facilitate this task and produce reliable results.

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