Watchdreamer·octobre 2019

Luxury watches e-commerce platform

Make a dream accessible. That is with this state of mind our client Nicolas Hildenbrand pitched us. A simple yes powerful idea: launch - for the first time in Switzerland - a financial solution and online boutique to purchase luxury watches.


  • Artistic direction
  • Visual identity


  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Prototypage
  • User research
  • Visual design


  • CMS Drupal & Wordpress + Symfony
  • E-commerce platforms
  • JavaScript development
  • Technical architecture


  • Brand strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content strategy
Maquettes du site de vente de montres de luxe Watchdreamer.

3 key pillars

  • Create the brand identity and it's visual presence
  • Crystallize the business model and it's USP
  • Build the e-commerce platform

Buying a luxury watch, the modern way

The new Watchdreamer brand sets foot in two worlds: the world of luxury watch (the products) and the e-commerce world (the contexte). We had to accommodate the two to match the expectations. Make the brand trustable and reassure on the authenticity of the products.
Couleurs de Watchdreamer.
Typographie de Watchdreamer.
We crystalized the codes of the luxury industry into a simple and contrasted color palette, with a touch of “Swissness”. Combined with a sharp and modern typeface, we've build a clean interface that let the products shine. “Avoid noise and visual clutter” could have been our motto. This approach proved its efficiency as we were able to host various brands and pieces on the website.
Template d'une montre soldat.
Icônes pour Watchdreamer.

Obviousness and fluidity in the architecture

The customer experience starts at the navigation level. Where people make decision on the pathway. Le different financial and payment solutions are clear to understand all along the browsing experience. To achieve this, we simplified every screen as much as we were able to. We streamlined the purchase path and checkout process. The customer has clear explanations and guidance throughout all the steps.
Maquettes du site Watchdreamer.
Maquettes du site Watchdreamer.
Maquettes du site Watchdreamer.

Simulating financial calculation

A live financing simulator integrated in the details page. A very interesting challenge: turn financial solutions calculation for different sources into a clean component (Vue.js). To ensure a future-proof code, we added a strong automated test routine and used the PHPUnit framework to guarantee both quality and precision.

Thanks to those automatic and dynamic tools, Watchdreamer offers top of the notch financial simulators.
Simulateur de crédit pour Watchdreamer.
Simulateur de crédit pour Watchdreamer.
Antistatique produced a stunning work on designing and building the platform. The team allowed us - thanks to their expertise - to have a very high-end and custom platform for a luxury watch business. Giving us a qualitative advantage on a very competitive market.
Nicolas Hildenbrand

Nicolas Hildenbrand

Fondateur de Watchdreamer

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