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Setup a Drupal project at the speed of light

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A new Drupal project. Again, you start by downloading Drupal, setup a DB, run the installer, get some modules,… lot of not so fun tasks.
I’m going to show you the process of using drush and a generic make file to start projects faster than ever.

wget https://raw.github.com/antistatique/drupal-make-starter/master/starter.make
// At this point I quickly edit the starter.make file and remove modules I know I will not use it.
drush make starter.make drupal
cd drupal
drush site-install standard --db-url=mysql://USER:PASSWD@localhost/DBNAME --db-su=root --db-su-pw= --site-name=SITENAME

- Download a make file with wget
drush make is going to download drupal and all the modules specified in the make file
After with drush site-install we:
- add a new db & a new user if the one specified does not exist
- add the right settings.php
- install drupal
DONE! Now you can connect on your new website and start build something great.
drush site-install has a lot of useful options, check the doc.


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