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Knowledge management with Kippt

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Curation and knowledge management

Everyone in the team spends quite a lot of time reading articles about new tools, backend & fronted development, social media and the web in general. Sadly, each one of us uses a different method to collect these articles and to remember them. Evernote is quite popular beneath some of us as well as deliciousDigg and Pocket.

Tuesday 5 minutes presentation

Tuesday is presentation day at Antistatique, where everybody presents a new tool, method or an interesting article he founds on the web. This is a good way of sharing and often creates interesting discussions and brainstorming. It is a perfect way to collect feedback about the presented tool, method or whatever!

Google+ alternatives

For about 2 months now, we’ve been using Google+ for intern link sharing, but it does not work as planned. Mainly, because a web clipper as it exists for Evernote or pocket is missing as well as a IFTTT recipe to send new notes from any service to Google+. Clipping something to Evernote and at the same time post it to Google + is not intuitive and too complicated.


About two or three weeks ago, we found a new tool called Kippt, which seems pretty much like the ideal solution we are looking for. One can post links to specific topic lists you can create. Other users can follow you, meaning all your lists, or, even better, only specific lists. There is a web clipper for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, a mobile App for iOS called Clippt, you can save links via E-Mail, hit the « Read later » button, create a RSS-Feed and even sync with other apps, like Github, Pocket, Readability, Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, … The only missing thing is an IFTTT recipe (there are some workarounds sending E-Mails to your kippt inbox)
Now, how can we apply this to Antistatique? Each one of us should have a personal account and create its own lists. Mostly, I am interested what the other developers collect, so I follow for example all of Marc’s lists. Check everyday your feed and save / star what you think is interesting.
At the same time, we should have an account Antistatique, which follows the most important lists of every team member for knowledge curation. A missing feature in kippt is the ability to mention somebody when saving a link. This would simplify the task even more and make Kippt a complete and perfect solution for personal & corporate knowledge curation.
This is only a proposition and not tested yet. We will share the results as soon as we’ve gathered some experience.
What tools are you using or do you think your solution is better? Share it in the comments.


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