What is Frog ?

Nov 20th 2008 in

How it works

The FileCache plugin creates a cached version of the page in a file (on disk) and check at every request if a cached version of the requested page exists and is valid. If it is, the plugin will serve the cached version and stop the script execution. Thus, you improve performance and reduce database queries.

By default a cached version of a page stay valid a day. Sometimes, we don’t want to cache a page (generally because it contains dynamic content) so the plugin add an option in the admin edit page to disable/enable the cache functionality for this page.


  • Download the plugin
  • Copy it in the plugins directory
  • Create a directory named caches at the root of your site
  • Set write permission on this directory (for example: chmod 777 caches)
  • Go to Administration/Plugins and activate File cache plugin.

Usage guide

The plugin is easy to use, just active it and it works! By default all the page will be cached but you have the possibility to desactivate the cache for particular pages.





Note: This a beta release, use it a your own risk.

This plugin add a column is_cacheable to the database table page.

Version : 0.2.0 beta (01/10/2008)
Compatibility : Frog 0.9.3

Download the last version

Feel free to report any problems to gilles [AT] antistatique.net.


  • Add Etag support
  • Add cache on snippets