Vaudoise On Tour


Vaudoise Assurance supports a large variety of events all over Switzerland, from the Lucerne Blues Festival to the Tour de Romandie. To showcase all the events they sponsor, they created the website

In 2015, Vaudoise commissioned Antistatique to update their website. We worked on user experience (UX), design and frontend development (html/css). Our client requested that we continue using the Typo3 CMS, so we joined forced with a specialist, ttree agency, for the backend development.

Study and analysis

During this initial phase, we examined the structure of the site (sitemap) and pages, in addition to using Analytics. Here are some of the points we wanted to cover:

  • highlight events and create a page listing them all
  • find a special spot for multimedia content (images, videos)
  • allow people to browse the site on all types of devices (Responsive Web Design)

Based on these objectives, we came up with low-fidelity mockups and wireframes to define the architecture and structure of the site. We wanted users to view as an interesting source of information, and not simply a way to participate in contests and win prizes.

Vaudoise Assurance
Skills: Design

Proposed solution

We established the structure of the pages based on the results of our analysis. We highlighted events on the homepage through promotional options and the main navigation bar. We came up with multiple points of access so that users could find what they were looking for quickly. Contests – while not the top priority – were also given a prominent position.

In order to simplify the content navigation process, we placed elements at the end of each page to entice users to continue browsing.

In terms of design, images took center stage. sponsors many exciting events. The emotions they evoke can best be transmitted through images. Our designers chose not to use serif fonts in order to keep things vibrant. Green is the site’s main color, as this is the official color of Vaudoiase Assurance. We worked with a whole spectrum of greens to classify the various elements on the site.

Constraints and difficulties

We encountered few difficulties along the way, since we already had a lot of experience with all the technology that we used, aside from Typo3. Our main challenge was to make the text legible, given that images played such a central role in the design. In the majority of cases cases, we applied a CSS gradient with a text overlay.


We truly enjoyed working with Vaudoise Assurance and ttree. While collaborating with two different teams can be challenging, it also made the project a great success.