Mission Dahu


Summit FOUNDATION aims to reduce the environmental impact of human activity in high traffic locations. In order to fulfil its objectives in a fun and entertaining way, the foundation decided to develop Mission Dahu, an iOS and Android app that raises awareness about the the effect of winter sports and recreation on the environment. We at Antistatique could identify easily with Summit FOUNDATION’s values and cause. We were therefore heavily invested in this project.


Study and analysis

Mission Dahu is an educational app that raises awareness about the alpine region environment. It is addressed to people working with children between the ages of 8 and 12. There are five different themes, which are presented in the form of missions and fun games: fauna and flora, waste, transport, equipment and food.

Proposed Solution

A ginormous amount of content

Mission Dahu is based on the Mission Dahu teaching manual, a 50-page resource for educators. The foundation’s team had the colossal task of making this content digestible for moblie users. We proposed that they use Loco, a multilingual content manager, to translate the content into four different languages. We also came up with a simple navigation design so that users could browse the app without feeling overwhelmed or lost in a mass of information.

We also included a few fun ways to cover some of the sections of the teaching manual:

  • All-terrain Dahu: A race against the clock on a clear, snowy path.
  • Dahu quizzes: True/False and other questions.
  • Dahu calculation: Figure out the distances traveled by clothing.
  • Dahu’s good choices: Wheel of seasons for local fruits and veggies.
  • Dahu’s friends: Matching animal tracks with their owner.

Capsules, capsules, and more capsules

We were able to use our new “capsule” project management system and it worked like a charm. The process is simple. A two-person team, or more, is assigned to a project for two days in a row, in order to work peer-to-peer and produce deliverables quickly. This new system allows teams to advance rapidly on specific parts of a project so that work can be delivered and reviewed before the next “capsule”.

Technology used

Ionic Framework

The app needed to be used on all types of Android and iOS phones. That’s why we quickly turned to the Ionic framework, which is one of our favorite tools for developing a hybrid app. Our team of Frontend developers were already very familiar with the technology used by Ionic. We could therefore focus on complicated technical aspects of the application, proving our ability to develop quality hybrid platforms.


This was an interesting project for Antistatique, since it was our first purely mobile project. We loved working for a foundation that strives to educate the public about the environment.

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