In Geneva, as in many places, public security jobs go unrecognized and are rarely idealized. The State needed to find new recruits to serve the public’s needs and respond to the rise in crime. How could it attract people to jobs as police officers, security assistants and detention officers?

While these careers may be demanding, they can are also rewarding and dynamic, since they are constantly evolving.

The Republic and Canton of Geneva commissioned Antistatique to create and carry out, a campaign promoting careers in public security.

Police de Genève
Skills: Design Strategy

The challenge

In 2014, the Canton of Geneva decided to launch a recruitment campaign for careers in public security. This was no easy task, since it involved the Geneva police and Cantonal detention office, two professional environments that are very different from one another.

Become someone

After some strategizing and discussion, we decided that we didn’t want to focus on security, protection or adrenaline, which are typically associated with these types of jobs. We wanted to go with something more understated. promotes the idea that you can be someone who counts, an essential part of the community. That’s more powerful than simply becoming a police officer.

By leaving out the details of each profession concerned by the campaign, the concept could be extended to other careers that have nothing to do with security. We presented these prospects to the State of Geneva.

Attainable and inspiring careers

Public security professions have been misrepresented by numerous films, series, novels and comic books. To boost recruitment we needed to promote the image of careers that are not only realistic but also open to all, including men, women, students, and people who already have a degree.

We opted for a simple, concrete visual design. Each image represents a young person dressed as a civilian who is learning the trade from a professional in uniform.

A transmedia campaign

The heart of our communication campaign was a website created using the Drupal platform. The design is completely responsive so that visitors can get the full experience, no matter what device they are using (computer, tablet or mobile).

The site presents each profession and invites people who are interested to ask for more information, participate in info sessions and open house days, or send in their application directly. We also launched a digital ad campaign to give more visibility. We used social media platforms to attract an audience between the ages of 18 and 34.

For this project, we were forced to step out of our digital comfort zone. We created out-of-home ads and posters (print and digital). We took care of all the media planning and buying. Whether you were by the railway station, public transit stops, walls, malls, or bus and tram walls, you couldn’t have missed!


Thanks to Sophie Brasey for her amazing photography.