Missing Children Switzerland - Social media campaign

Missing Children Switzerland (MCS) contacted our agency to help promote their new emergency number: 116 000. We were given the sensitive task of carrying out a national promotional campaign on social media.

The client

Missing Children Switzerland was founded after Livia and Alessia Schepp of Saint-Sulpice (Vaud) went missing in 2011. This tragic event led to the creation of an organization devoted to people affected by the disappearance of a loved one.

MCS’s role is to raise awareness among the general public and participate in discussions with authorities on the issue of missing children. MCS is a non-profit foundation and member of Missing Children Europe.

MCS’s work includes:

  • Providing an emergency line (116 000);
  • Informing and advising;
  • Listening and supporting;
  • Directing people to the right services;
  • Mobilizing Swiss and European partners.

The project

At the end of December 2016, the Swiss Federal Office of Communications attributed the number 116 000 to MCS (previously 0848 116 000). MCS commissioned us to promote their new emergency number on social media.

Since the budget was limited, we focused on Facebook and Twitter, two networks that favour the sharing and exchange of information.

On Facebook, we shared the video below, while on Twitter, we posted various tweets accompanied by images.



We opted to work with this network because it allows content to be shared rapidly and provides a large target audience. MCS had already come up with an explanatory video in 4 languages (French, German, Italian, English). We created four different posts for their Facebook page and promoted it to fans (approx. 6k).

We also carried out an ad campaign targeting Switzerland’s three linguistic regions, as well as anglophones living in Zurich and Geneva.

We reached out in particular to people between the ages of 30 and 55 who have a special interest in non-governmental organizations, charity and children.

Missing Children Switzerland

Domino effect

In order to increase the number of views for the French post and take advantage of the social aspect of Facebook, we invited people to share the post, with the aim of creating a domino effect.


The various Facebook campaigns took place from 29 May to 18 June. We only boosted the posts over 8 days so that the audience would not get tired of them. The ad campaign was released twice, and we added the video in English during the second part of the campaign.

The budget was distributed as follows: 50% for German-speaking Switzerland, 40% for French-speaking Switzerland, and 10% for Italian-speaking Switzerland and English speakers.

The most responsive audience was:

  • French speakers, with approximately 500 shares and 85,000 views;
  • German speakers were a little more shy, with about a hundred shares and 87,000 views;
  • Italian speakers were very responsive despite the comparatively small budget, with 200 shares and 26,000 views;
  • The video in English was viewed over 18,000 times.

It is important to note that a video only has to be viewed for 3 seconds for Facebook to count it as a view. It is therefore more interesting to examine how many times at least 50% of a video has been viewed. Using these parameters, we were able to determine that the videos had been viewed 25,000 times


While Twitter may not be the most popular social media service in Switzerland, we decided to use the foundation’s account to target a more specialized audience.

Twitter wasn’t the ideal forum for the video, due to its length. Instead, we published tweets accompanied by a visual that featured the emergency number. The video was only incorporated as a link. Twitter’s limit of 140 characters allowed us to efficiently and effectively spread the word.

We targeted people who searched for or tweeted keywords such as “disappearance”, “runaway”, “emergency number” and “child protection”. We also sought out people who have interests related to “life stages” (father, mother, parent, young married couple, etc.) and “family and education” (daycare, kindergarten, childhood education, etc.).

La vie d’un enfant disparu peut être en danger. Chaque minute compte. Réflexe: 116 000. https://t.co/XHnSKsmdqI pic.twitter.com/Yc7dpHEIJo

— Missing Children CH (@MissingKidsCH) 30 mai 2017


Over 100,000 people viewed the ad on Twitter. For this particular campaign, we considered that the number of views was more important than the number of retweets, which were negligeable.


Working with Missing Children Switzerland was a mission we held dear to our hearts. After all, we were promoting a number that has the capacity to save lives.

We successfully met our objective, which was to increase visibility. The Facebook video got over 219,000 views and was shared around 850 times.

Whether a budget is high or low, investing in social media is an essential tool. The viral aspect of these services allows you to broadcast messages on a large scale, and concretely measure performance and returns on investment.