granini® Suisse - “Bonheur Fruité” contest

Everybody is familiar with Granini’s fabulous fruit juices! You’ve probably sampled all the different flavours with friends and family. These juices are the perfect way to start your morning, at breakfast or on the train, and will give you a boost at any time of day.

We were hired to create and organize a contest for Granini Switzerand when they launched their new “Bonheur Fruité” (“Fruity Joy”) campaign.

The campaign

Granini’s bottlecap is a key icon. The company wanted to use it to transmit positive messages related to happiness and joy. The campaign featured Granini’s 33 cl bottles, which are a favorite among commuters, who are often in need of a little joy to liven up their daily routines.

granini suisse
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The project

This project, which we worked on for several months, entailed a number of different steps:

  • Social media strategy: defining actions, tone, messages, target audiences, etc.;
  • Editorial calendar: publication schedule;
  • Content creation: creating visuals and videos for social media, and banners for online ads;
  • Community management: content publication and community management;
  • Website for the event: creating a bilingual WordPress site that explains how the contest works;
  • Managing providers: coordinating the brand, media-buying agency and online influencer agency.

The contest

We decided to launch an Instagram contest as part of Granini’s “Bonheur Fruité” campaign. After all, what better way to increase the brand’s prominence and visibility?

Up until that point, Granini Switzerland’s Instagram account had been little exploited. We saw this as an opportunity to create a community for the brand by putting forward image-based content.

Sticking closely to the campaign theme, we asked contest participants to share a photo or video featuring the cap or bottle in a way that expressed fruity joy. In order to enter the contest, participants had to follow Granini’s Instagram account (@granini_ch) and use the contest’s hashtags: #BonheurFruité in French and #FreudeAusDerFrucht in German.

Prizes included trips to Barcelona, BMC bikes and Beaty by Dr. Dre headphones, with a total value of around 15,000 francs.

The contest fully fulfiled our clients’ expectations, drawing around a hundred participants who never ceased to surprise us with their creativity and ingenuity. The contest allowed us to publicize Granini Switzerland’s Instagram account and considerably increase its online community (+160%) in about a month.

During the contest, the brand’s Instagram engagement rate went up by around 10%, which is all the more impressive considering the size of the account.

Here are photos from two participants who put their heart, souls and creativity into the project:

Creating a site in two languages

Granini's website was not responsive (adaptable to all screen sizes). As part of the campaign, we therefore created a responsive site in two languages (French and German) that summed up all aspects of the campaign.

The first page was devoted to the contest, while the second featured blog articles.

Care to visit? Just click here.

During the contest, was visited over 25,000 times by 21,000 different people (both languages). 90% of visits were through mobile phones and the bounce rate for people directed from social media sites was lower than 50%.

Content creation

In order to promote the campaign and contest, we created visuals for the brand’s social media networks and HTML5 banners to be published on and Google networks. This provided more visibility for the campaign.

In addition to the banners, we adapted existing videos to create YouTube mastheads. Our deadlines and visibility goals were successfully met. The ads were displayed over 8 million times on the first day they were released (two days scheduled in total).

Mastheads are the most visible types of Youtube ads because they are featured on the homepage on desktops, and at the top of video lists on mobiles.

Online influencers

Working with online influencers was essential to our project.

We opted to work with PR agency Sparkle. With their help, we chose 10 profiles that correspond to the brand’s image. Their mission was to get people talking about the brand and contest by publishing two photos that expressed fruity joy over a month.

Over the course of the contest, the influencers published 26 posts (see some examples below) on Facebook and Instagram, collecting a total of over 20,500 likes. This helped spread the word about the contest to their communities, which ranged from 10,000 to 60,000 followers.


We love these kinds of projects because they bring together team members with different areas of expertise (strategy, design, multimedia, backend). Everyone brings their own skills to the table, ensuring that each task is carried out to perfection.

Working for an international brand is both challenging and exciting for a digital agency like us. We look forward to other similar collaborations in the future.