Centro Catalina

So you want to learn Spanish?

Centro Catalina’s mission is to bring Europeans to Colombia to learn Spanish. This unique language school in Cartagena is an ideal destination for language learners. Centro Catalina also offers cultural activities to educate the large expat community about Cartagena’s history and traditions, helping them integrate into Colombian society.

Antistatique completely revamped the school’s name, positioning and visual identity.

The challenge

While Spanish may be one of the three most widely spoken languages in the world, most people choose to go to Spain to learn the language. What could we do to attract European students to Colombia? How could we change their mindsets and habits? How could we get them across the Atlantic?

Nicole Chacon, the school’s director, knew that her team needed to revamp their brand if they hoped to seduce a clientele accustomed to Western marketing tactics.

A Swiss-Colombian brand

One interesting fact about Centro Catalina is that all its founders have Swiss origins. The school therefore has a unique atmosphere in which Swiss efficiency and precision meets Latin American hospitality, enthusiasm and warmth. This double identity inspired us.

When it came to the name and design of the logo, we kept things Swiss, which is to say refined and minimalist. But Colombian traditions are also well-represented in the choice of name, and the logo’s bright colors and shapes.

Centro Catalina
Skills: Design Strategy

Less is more

The school was originally called “Centro de Lenguas Catalina de Cartagena Colombia“. We proposed to shorten its name so that it would be easier to remember. We also wanted to put the focus on “Catalina“, which stands for India Catalina, an indigenous woman who played an important role in Colombian history. She is also the symbol of Cartagena.

We added the baseline “Spanish School“ so that non-Spanish speaking people would understand the center’s purpose, despite its shortened name. This baseline can be adapted depending on the target market.

The Colombian parrot

The logo we created was inspired by the Ara parrot, another important symbol in Colombia. This parrot can be found all over the country and has the ability to imitate sounds and words. Some can even learn a real language and communicate – a characteristic they share with language students. This bird therefore seemed to be an appropriate symbol for a language school, especially since the parrot’s colors are featured on the Colombian flag.

Our logo was based on simple shapes and vivid colors. It transmits an image that is professional, vibrant, joyful, enthusiastic and efficient – in other words, both Colombian and Swiss.

We contacted Antistatique in 2011, when we had just opened our Spanish language school in Colombia. At the time, we hadn’t determined our corporate identity yet, and that’s what the Antistatique team set out to do. They were extremely professional. They took care of the smallest details and carried out a comprehensive analysis of our needs, based on our target markets. Our new logo was created based on criteria that had been thoroughly researched, from the shapes to the colors. The logo reflects all the elements that now makeup our identity. We highly recommend Antistatique’s services, not only because of their high level of professionalism, but also because of their management skills and the warm personalities of their team members.

Nicole Chacon Directrice Centro Catalina