British American Tobacco - Switzerland


For this project, we were commissioned by British American Tobacco (BAT) to overhaul the websites of their Davidoff and Gauloises brands. We had to ensure that our work was consistent with brand communications, all in a modern and multilingual environment.

BAT Switzerland is part of the International British American Tobacco group. It has both a local and global presence, as it can be found in 41 different countries and owns over 200 brands.

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British American Tobacco
Skills: Newsletter Tools & Strategies Design

Study and Analysis

Our main purpose was to strengthen communication between these two brands and their clients.

Personas: A user-focused approach

Personas help us get to the heart of our target audience. In this particular case, they allowed us to sum up the needs of the different types of people involved. We could therefore focus directly on their expectations from a web, copywriting and platform management perspective.

Here are a few examples of the personas we used for this project:

  • Person connected to the web who takes advantage of special deals and contests
  • Hostess who promotes the brand at events
  • Site administrator who wants to engage clients

Proposed Solution

By working closely with BAT Switzerland, we were able to propose the right solutions to fulfil their expectations and needs. Here are a few key elements we came up with.

Registration flow

We wanted to make the registration process more engaging and less restrictive for users. If users have to go through to many steps to register, they are more likely to give up. This means losing clients. In order to avoid this, we decided to separate the registration process into several different parts. The final part is optional so that users won’t be put off.
Users who participate in the brand’s events will automatically be registrated on the website, which allows them to navigate in the future without having to go through the mandatory registration process again.


One of our objectives was to have users participate in dynamic game-contests.The idea is simple. Each pack of cigarettes has a unique code. If you enter that code on the website, you can participate in the latest contest. Users can only participate once per contest and per code.


The Heritage page is unique to the Davidoff site. It allows users to discover the brand through its history.
We divided this page into various sections to make it easier to navigate. With the look of a landing page, it contains a great deal of information. A lot of work was put in to decide on the order of information and choice of images.
[aside] There is no specific definition of a landing page. Nevertheless, we can describe it as a page that is rich in content and information. Because it is so dense, a landing page must be worked on and maintained more carefully than a standard page. [/aside]

The “Big moments”

The “Big Moments” are a feature of the Gauloises site that allows visitors to relive the brand’s greatest moments through images. We proposed to display them on a dynamic “Wall”, similar to Pinterest so that visitors could view the images in a way that was quick, intelligent and comprehensive.

Constraints & challenges

Complex registration process

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to simplify the registration process. An account can be opened in several different ways:

  • Recuperating old accounts from various sources
  • Participating in a game at one of the brand events
  • Registering directly on the new website

We therefore needed to put in place tools and ecosystems that were capable of communicating amongst themselves to asynchronously and automatically create user accounts.

Unite to prevail

One of our client’s main requests was to develop common features between the two sites. Having the same base for each site was a real challenge for our agency. When it came to user experience, design and development, we had to standardize the content and functionalities for these two brands, which have strong and distinct identities.

Our technology

Drupal 8

In order to standardize the technology and take into consideration the long-term sustainability of this project, we decided to develop the site with the help of the Drupal 8 CMS.
Our developers were already very familiar with previous versions of this software and quickly mastered the new mechanisms of this version.
Working with this type of technology not only blazes the trail for the future, but also offers a lot of advantages when it comes to the solidity of the final product and its ability to evolve.


This project was extremely enriching for Antistatique. From a user experience and design perspective, we had to bring all our skills to the table to reflect the identities of the two brands. Thanks to this new Drupal 8 project, we were able to grasp the mechanics of this very advanced and interesting CMS. Through this project, we proved that we could understand the needs and issues raised by clients and transform them into a unique web experience.

Antistatique is one of the few agencies that is capable of not only delivering an excellent product, but also acting as a consultant. We came to them with a complex problem and they were able to provide a simple, efficient and personalized solution. It’s great working with an agency that is responsive, solution-oriented and at the forefront of digital development.

Romain Gauron Business Unit Manager Licensed brands