Bomberg Watches - Social media management

We associate watchmaking with legendary brands and timeless pieces that are updated over the years, yet always identifiable. But that’s not all there is to it. Some watchmaking companies are able to stand out from the crowd, thanks to their products and communication strategies. Companies such as Bomberg Watches, who commissioned us to manage their social media networks over a four-month period.

The client

Bomberg Watches is a newcomer to the watchmaking world. They made a splash with their 100% Swiss made watches that have a unique identity. Their XXL watches have a badass attitude and are made with raw materials.

Skulls and crossbones, nails, cobras, eagles and wolves are a few of the symbols that are essential to their image and the story they want to tell to their clients.

Bomberg Watches breaks with traditional watchmaking norms, appealing to those who seek something out of the ordinary. Their target audience includes tattoo aficionados, practitioners of martial arts and hipsters, and the brand has had a particular success in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Russia.

Their marketing approach is direct and to the point, uniting content with the expectations and desires of their clients.

Bomberg Watches

The project

After meeting with Bomberg Watches and analyzing their online presence, we put in place social media strategies for Facebook and Instagram, which are the main platforms used by the brand. Our analysis allowed us to break up the content into different themes (see below). This provided clear guiding principles and creative direction when creating photo and video content, and coming up with a publication schedule.

With limited staff resources to promote the brand on social media in key markets, we focused on the day-to-day management of the following social media networks:

"Bomberg Official" on Instagram

Bomberg Watches’ official account, which is used to promote new products and post lifestyle photos that represent the brand’s universe.

"Bomberg MEA" on Instagram

Account with posts intended for Middle Eastern countries. Photos with skulls, tattooos and other distinctive signs are not published on this account.

Official Facebook account

Official Facebook account that promotes virtually the same content as the Instagram accounts. The teams for markets outside of Switzerland also have access to this account so that they can publish content about their activities.

Once we had identified all the different networks, we were able to set out the tasks required for this project:

  • Community Management: validating weekly content , publishing content on networks, responding to user comments;
  • Digital Campaigns: boosting various posts, e-commerce campaigns, awareness and visibility campaigns;
  • Competitive benchmarks: analyzing the competition, searching for new online influencers, adapting our strategy based on key observations;
  • Statistical reports: monthly statistical analysis (new followers, engagement rate, best times of day to publish content, etc.);
  • Website: adding various types of content (products, information);
  • Creating photo content.

Our contribution

As a digital agency, we were able to bring a neutral perspective to the table and improve Bomberg Watches’ digital communication channels on an ongoing basis.

One major roadblock for many brands is that they publish the same content on all different networks. After all, each network has its own audience. An audience with specific expectations. That’s why we proposed to our client to come up with editorial content for Facebook (blog articles). This allowed us to not only tap into the rich universe of the brand and its products, but also support Bomberg Watches’ website and improve search engine optimization.

Thanks to the benchmarks we set, we were able to determine what kind of photos people expected to see. We promoted the brand’s values and continued developing its communities through content creation. We managed to boost its engagement rate up to 1.40% for close-up photos and about 0.90% for lifestyle photos.

While we were establishing the general guidelines for the brand’s digital communication strategy, we came up with the idea of using the visibility of the brand’s friends to our advantage. For example, those who were UFC fighters could wear a Bomberg watch before or during training sessions and combats, and these moments could be captured on camera. Since these individuals were already fans of the brand and its products, they provided increased visibility at little cost.

Icono Square: a practical tool

In order to trace the development of various statistics produced by Bomberg’s social networks, we worked with an online analysis tool called Icono Square. This helped us evaluate the performance of posts and determine the level of user engagement. It also allowed us to monitor competitors and hashtags so that we could optimize communication. Thanks to this tool, we were able to determine when to publish content, allowing us to increase publication frequency over the course of the project, from one to two posts a day.


This project proved how valuable it is to have a solid digital strategy, which can then give rise to a corresponding social media strategy. It is essential to ensure that this strategy is correctly applied to each market, especially when a brand is active in various different countries. Communicating without objectives or tools is not viable in the long term.

It is important for an e-commerce site to be innovative in terms of both design and user experience (loading items, placement of information, conversion path length, etc.).

Bomberg fully understood the necessity of having an effective e-commerce site in a sector in which online sales are becoming increasingly important.