Jeu Mobile - Montreux Jazz Festival


For the 2014 Montreux Jazz Festival, Agence Louis commissioned us to develop a game based on the blind test music quiz for British American Tobacco.

Study and Analysis

During short work sessions with our client, we quickly defined the mechanics behind the game and optimized the interfaces. Once we had decided on the wireframes, Agence Louis created the design and handed it over to us.

Proposed solution

We developed an iPad app based on the blind test game. The rules are simple: you are given a song to listen to and you have to quickly identify the title or artist based on a list of possible answers. We featured artists at Montreux Jazz that year and players had the exciting opportunity to win tickets to their concerts if they scored well.

Agence Louis, British American Tobacco

Constraints & difficulties

One of the biggest challenges was that we were working on a very short deadline. Thanks to our methods and project management skills, we were able to complete the project in a mere two weeks. We created the app with web technology and the Ionic mobile framework to cut down on production time. The app had to be available offline since it would be presented during the festival, without a reliable internet connection.


We developed the game as an iOS app for iPad using the Ionic mobile framework (based on AngularJS and Cordova).