Davidoff Memory App


Agence Louis, on behalf of their client, British American Tobacco and the Davidoff brand, wanted to develop an iPad app for the brand’s contest-games during their many events. The app had to be simple so that the host or hostess could explain the rules quickly and let players get on with the game. Participants had the chance win one of three prizes.

We are proud to have developed this app, which is based on the memory game.

Agence Louis, British American Tobacco

Study and analysis

This app would be used during Davidoff events. Potential players had to be able to understand the rules and stakes immediately to be motivated to participate, and content on the screens had to be easily intelligible. Players could win one of three special prizes offered at the event, depending on their results.

Proposed solution

Thanks to our collaboration with Agence Louis, we quickly received the mockups for the game-contest and were able to start developing the app.

A simple and intuitive game-contest

To keep things simple, we decided to rewrite some of the rules of “Memory”. Players no longer have to find all the matching cards, but simply find one pair as quickly as possible in three trys. The final screen reveals their prize, rewarding them for taking part in the game.

Short deadlines, a challenge and an opportunity

Since our client wanted the app to be produced quickly, our developers had to work together to make the sprint to the finish line. Peer-to-peer work was essential, as it favors communication and collaboration between team members with different areas of expertise.

Technology used


The app had to be “native”, meaning that it was developed for a particular platform or device. Since the deadline was relatively short, we decided to work with the Ionic framework. This is a tool that we have mastered completely because it is based on technology that we work with on a daily basis.


This was a project that had to be developed and delivered quickly. We needed to rapidly understand the needs of our clients and create the app on a short deadline, all while keeping up our usual high standards.

That’s two for two! Our second project with Antistatique was a brilliant success. Faced with a tight deadline, their team responded promptly and were highly committed to the project. We were very satisfied with the results. It’s always a pleasure to work with such a skilled and friendly team. We love Antistatique! Long live Antistatique!

Léonard Le Duy Founding partner