Our Philosophy

KISS - Keep it simple, stupid

We like to keep things simple so that we can focus on what really matters.


The user must be able to find the information they are looking for simply and easily. We regularly carry out usability testing to make sure of this. This involves asking a panel of testers to play with our sites and to describe in detail their thoughts and experiences.

Content as a priority

The design must work to support the content, allowing the technical side to disappear for the sake of efficiency.


Conceiving of every element individually requires developing them all out of context, in order to ensure they work everywhere.

Standards and compatibility

All our sites are responsive, meaning they are designed to display optimally on computers, tablets or mobile phones. We make sure of this by testing them on different navigators, though naturally some animations do not display on outdated versions.


We favor an agile method of project management (Kanban). Agility guarantees you visibility in the progression of the project and grants you constant control.

In concrete terms, we work by stages of one or two weeks. At the beginning of each stage, we plan with you the tasks that need to be completed, and you validate each stage as we go.

We are of course not totally infallible, and sometimes making a mistake can be useful, as it shows us how we can improve.


We don’t see other agencies as our competitors, but instead as our colleagues. Every year we participate in numerous conferences, in order to keep up to date with the latest technological advances, but equally to allow others to learn from our own experience. We use Open Source programs and we are committed to the values driving them. As a result, when we need to develop functionalities for these programs, we make them available to the public.


As we have said, our passion is what drives us. In order to make sure our employees stay motivated, we are careful to offer them attractive working conditions. That’s why we grant paternity leave (at the moment, 70% of our staff are men), as well as a 50% subsidy for public transport that hopes to encourage soft mobility. We also have a ping-pong table - because we also like to play ping-pong!