Remote working from home, with everybody home, how different?



Mar 18th 2020 in organization

Working remotely is not a new topic at Antistatique, I spent 3 months in Boston, Grand Rapids and New York, and then a month in Japan. Alberto also went a few time in Miami. We also worked with Stefano our first remote employee. This journey and some reads shaped our processes and tools at the agency. But today's configuration is a bit different. Literaly everyone is working from home and anxiety doesn't really help to focus. I urge you to read Eric Meyer who wrote some thoughts about trying to work from home during the lockdown.

Here are some links worth checking on remote working strategies

Full-remote company Doist with 68 people in 25 courties How Doist Makes Remote Work Happen and a survival guide for remote working parent.

A collection of articles for designers from Automattic (the company behind Wordpress)

Wise adivces from our dear friend Erin Quick, work remote! A guide on how to set up your remote working strategy

And for those of you who already tried everything, so you think. Here is a long read from Stephen Worlfram about seeking the productive life.