With 6 hours of jetlag

Sep 27th 2017 in talk

I am Pierre, the first Antistatic Representative in the other side of the Atlantic. I am a former Lyonnais, and I have packed my bags for Miami in 2016. I am in charge of the development of the agency in the United States. There are many challenges to meet. I love that !

I discover in the digital marketing when I was still a student. For 9 years I have been pursuing my passion, either as a Digital Marketing Consultant or as a Digital Manager for international companies.

What I like to do ? Make a brand visible and powerful on the Internet. I am always on the lookout for new strategies, and new good practices to share with our customers. The US market is not easy to tackle and I work with them to adapt their communication to the requirements of American consumers.

When I disconnect, I take care of my little boy or I go fishing at sea. The sun and the beautiful beaches are everywhere here, you must take advantage of it!

Let me know if you are going through Miami, I offer you a mojito with pleasure!