Noémie Sandoz



Sweet. That’s the best way to describe Noémie, our UX designer. She's always smiling and may seem a bit shy at first. But beneath that wise exterior hides a real force to be reckoned with! Noémie is self-taught. She loves discovering and learning new things, and taking up challenges. She’s got plenty of resources and motivation. You only have to explain something to her once and she’ll add it right away to her skillset. When she’s not slaving away at work, she puts all her energy into festivals. Originally from Avenches, her festival experience began at Rock oz’Arènes. Today, she travels all over Switzerland to watch her favorite rock bands and lend a hand at the festivals organized by her friends. After all, on top of all her energy and professional skills, she’s also got a big heart and is always willing to help out a co-worker or friend. One thing’s for sure: she won’t be a junior for long!

Her role

Software Designer, responsible for design, user research and experience (UX, analysis, human factors and ergonomics, usability).


  • Bachelor of Science in print and interactive media engineering (HEIG-VD, Yverdon-les-Bains)
  • Multimedia designer CFC (ERACOM, Lausanne)


Noémie works with all the various aspects involved in creating a mobile application or website. From user tests to wireframing, and workshops to prototyping, she knows what tools to offer you and will accompany you from the initial steps to the delivery of the final product.


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