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Julien Minguely


Frontend Developer

What do jazzrole-playing games and Javascript all have in common for Julien? They all provide a medium to interact.

Interaction is what counts for Julien, whether it’s optimizing a web component, creating a visual environment while VJing, moderating a role-playing game or accompanying a soloist on his drumset. He’s skilled at spontaneous and interactive creation, all for the benefit of the shared experience. In his spare time, he enjoys looking after his two cats, cobbling together unlikely things and criticizing the latest Star Wars.

Julien wears many different hats. His studies includes computer science and graphic arts. He’s currently doing a Bachelor in Jazz and Improvisation at Hochschule Luzern.

He’s working part-time for us while finishing up his Bachelor. He strengthens our development team and brings a little swing to our office.

His role

Frontend developer specialized in Wordpress.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (Lucerne School of Music)

  • Interactive Media Designer (eikon, professional school for applied arts)

  • Computer science CFC (Ecole des métiers de Fribourg)


Julien is a multifaceted digital designer with both technical and artistic training in today’s technology. After a degree in computer science, he began working with the web and interactive communication tools. He will soon be pursuing a degree as an Interactive Media Designer. In addition to working as a developer at Antistatique, he’s currently finishing up a degree in jazz at the Lucerne School of Music.

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