Gilles Doge


Web Software Engineer & Founder

 “Giiiiiiiiilles”. Our team members have gotten into the habit of stretching out the “i” whenever they call his name. Who knows why? All you need to know about Gilles is that he loves coding. He can tell right away how much involvement a project is going to need, as well as the risks and challenges. He sometimes has trouble leaving his desk. Don’t be surprised if you find him standing at the end of a table working, yet claiming, “I’ve gone!”

Gilles doesn’t like putting gel in his hair and he doesn’t like mornings. But he does like ping pong, comic books, well-built APIs and complex full stack PHP applications. He’s a stickler for performance and quality work.

His role

As the development manager in our agency, Gilles ensures that the technical aspect of each project runs smoothly, and validates each technological choice with the team. You can count on him to manage the technical side of your project.


  • HES Engineering Degree in Computer Software (HEIG-VD)
  • Mediamatician CFC (CPNV, Ste-Croix)


Gilles is one of the founders of our agency. He’s an expert in developing web and mobile apps and e-commerce platforms, and can build a CMS or API, as well as create complex business models. He has over seven years of experience working with the Symfony PHP framework and has mastered the full stack. He’s one of the leaders of PHP Meetup Romand.



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