Steven Avelino
Passionate about technology from an early age, nerd according to some, it was only natural that Steven turned to backend development - starting from his bedroom at the age of 14. Having found his calling, Steven decided to get out of his bedroom and began to seriously study the subject and embark on his journey as a web developer. Freshly graduated, he now finds himself in the field, eager to get started, and more than ready to take on the new challenges associated with the world of work.
Open-Source being a fundamental part of the Web and used in all of Antistatique's creations, Steven is impatient to start his next challenge; "Actively contribute to Open-Source projects".
Not enough! he also wishes to share his passion through popularisation videos on the Web universe.

His role

Even as a junior back-end developer at Antistatique, Steven is really comfortable with many technologies. PHP, Javascript, Vue.js, Laravel & Symfony frameworks are his playgrounds.


2019Application development engineer (CPNV, Ste-Croix)
2016IT training (CFC EPSIC/Nagravision, Lausanne)


PHP, JavaScript, VueJS, Laravel & Symfony have few secrets for him. Mastering the different concepts of the Web, Steven is perfectly at ease with the whole Stack Backend/Frontend. His thirst for knowledge is matched only by his love for code.


Migrate your Drupal 7 site to Drupal 9
Catégorie: Development
·24 min de lecture

Migrate your Drupal 7 site to Drupal 9

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