Project Manager
Arthur Descoeudres
In a perpetual quest for balance and discovery, Arthur advocates quality and open-mindedness in all aspects of his daily life, whether at work or in his relationships and other activities! His penchant for organization and innovation fits in perfectly with his work as a project manager at Antistatique, where he seeks to find long and short-term solutions to make life easier for his colleagues and clients.
To help the team reach its goals, he brings his collective mindset, which he has taken to the basketball courts, to instil good humour and ensure that everyone's skills are exploited (and developed) to the best of their abilities. Alongside team play, he wants to offer maximum autonomy to everyone, as he is convinced that this is the best way to enable an organisation and its members to grow healthily!
In addition to running after an orange ball, he wears out his eardrums with all kinds of rhythms and sounds or looks for a next destination to explore!
Tip: Guide him into his favourite videos or films to give you a few minutes of entertainment.

Role within the agency

Project management and coordination, responsible for compliance with budget and deadlines, project contact point and responsible for reporting.


2015Master of Communication System Engineer (EPFL, Lausanne)
2013Bachelor of Communication System Engineer (EPFL, Lausanne)


After 5 years of technical studies, his Master's project in R&D in a large Swiss company, followed by 2 years as a scientific collaborator at the EPFL, he decided to leave the world of research and discover project management at Antistatique!
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Franck Da Silva

Franck Da Silva

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